Beginning this blog has been a goal of mine for many months. I often have people ask me for tips on healthy living or for recipes.  I am always happy to oblige because I love to see others strive to live a healthier way.  In fact, Scott and I had the opportunity to take a friend of his to Publix today because he wanted to see what we buy and why. So my main goal for this blog is to share how I approach food and fitness. My blog title, “Wholly Hot Mama” stems from the fact that I use a whole or clean foods approach in my eating. The ‘Mama’ part is there for obvious reasons (3 to be exact), and the adjective ‘Hot’- well, let’s just say that’s not always the way I feel since I am a mom of 3, and so I tossed that in there just to make me feel good about myself! My prayer is that the information I post here will help others continue in their healthy lifestyle, and to also give those who want to start down that path, the tools to do so successfully.